Friday, 8 February 2013

40 Days in the Word Primer

Sunday, February 10, marks the beginning of a spiritual journey which will build up all of us as disciples of Jesus Christ. This post is designed to let you know how this spiritual growth campaign works. This information is meant to give you an overview of your plan of action during 40 Days in the Word. I trust this information is clear and useful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself.

11.       SUNDAY WORSHIP:  Each week we will examine why and how the Bible is authoritative in our lives. The audio and outline for these messages will also be available online each week at .

22.       MEMORIZE:  Each week there is a short Scripture verse to memorize. These are all listed on the bookmark, and will also be listed on the sermon notes page each week. These are verses you can recall during the day to remind you of God’s promises.

33.       DEVOTIONAL:  There is an audio devotional for each day to help you digest God’s truth in new ways. You can listen online or download them at or you can obtain them on a CD each week at church.

44.       SMALL GROUPS:  You are strongly encouraged to join a home group for this six week spiritual campaign. Only within these groups will you be able to maximize your growth using the materials. Also, each group provides an avenue for connection and service together. As a group you will learn Bible study methods and work on a “Micah 6:8 Assignment.”

55.       STUDY METHOD:  In the Small Groups you will learn how to meditate on a passage of Scripture until the Holy Spirit shows you how to apply it. These methods of Bible meditation will be employed each day of the week as you use the suggested verse of the day. There are pages in the workbook for your reflections.

66.       READING:  Each week you will be asked to read a larger portion of Scripture. The daily study verse will be drawn from these portions. The passage for the week is displayed at and will also be listed on the sermon notes page. The selections will be Philippians, Mark, James and Psalm 1.

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