Friday, 28 June 2013

Regarding the USA Supreme Court and Marriage:

One solution is to remove "marriage" from the legal/government hands altogether. Give every type of couple the same legal rights and "sign up" at the local notary as a civil union of two people. If people want to be "married", find the faith group that sees things the way you do and get their clergy to perform the religious ceremony. Separation of church and state, I say! It's clear to me that many who come to the church to get married have no desire to submit to God's view anyway. And it's improbable that any whole society will agree on this issue -- unless forced. The role of government and the courts is to protect justice and freedom. Morality cannot be legislated.

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  1. Hey Vernon.
    Many countries register "marriages" for government purposes separate from religious or cultural events.

    Since this is in the hands of the provinces it would be difficult to get a common standard (specially with Quebec law being so different from our law based on British Common Law), but it is worth trying for.