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Easter Letter 2013

Easter Letter — 2013

Dear Church Family,

Dramatic presentations of the Bible are nothing new.  For centuries, actors have portrayed Bible stories, and now most recently, there is a ten hour television series on the History Channel, called The Bible. They do an admirable job, and I encourage you to watch it.  This Easter we will portray one event in the Bible as depicted in a famous painting.  At the front of our sanctuary is a copper tooled picture of Leonardo da Vinci’s mural, “Last Supper.”  This painting has appeared on everything from mirrors to mouse pads, to musical pillows.  If Leonardo were still around, he would be earning plenty on licensing fees alone.

This painting, while not an exact representation of the text is, at its heart, a story rooted in the truth of God rescuing humanity.  This truth, while controversial, is vital for our world. The Bible tells us that where there is no revelation of God, the people live as they please. (Proverbs 29:18)  Maybe you have noticed, as I have, that when left on our own, we do not make great life choices.  As with the producers of the TV series, I see a crisis of faith in our community and an opportunity for the church to impact a lost world!

This Easter season, as we remember and celebrate our redemption through the sacrifice of Jesus, we are going to focus on the depth of meaning within the “Last Supper.”  It’s more than a famous painting.  It’s an inclusion by Jesus Christ of his followers in his imminent death and resurrection.

Christ in the Passover:  This meal that Jesus shared with his disciples was connected to an ancient commemoration of God’s rescue of his people from slavery.  Jesus places himself as the redeemer, and his followers as the redeemed.  We will celebrate “Christ in the  Passover” together on Monday evening, March 25, at 6:00 pm.  We will follow the ancient Seder traditions and see how they connect with freedom in Christ.  We will also enjoy a meal together as part of the evening.

Last Supper “Living Picture”:  On Good Friday, March 29, at 11:00 am, we will witness a presentation of da Vinci’s famous painting.  Thirteen characters will give their version of what is happening as Jesus prepares to die for the sins of the world.  Then, all of us will have the opportunity to share the bread and cup together in recognition of Jesus’ sacrifice for us, and in symbolic partnership of our death to sin and new life in him.

Easter Sunday Celebration:  Easter Sunday is always a great celebration of all that Jesus Christ brings into a hurting world.  He offers what our soul craves: a longing for intimacy; a longing for destiny; a longing for meaning.  Sunday morning is our time to grab that reality with both hands.  We will start with a really great breakfast at 9:00 am. Then we will meet for our Resurrection Celebration at 10:45.  This is a family of God gathering you don’t want to miss!

Plan to join us.  Stay close to Jesus!

Pastor Vernon Vickruck

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Baptism:        Are you, or is someone you know, interested in being Baptised this June?  Talk to Pastor Vernon about classes that will start soon after Easter.

As we consider Christ’s total sacrifice for us, there are some matters in which we can be involved that enhance our ministry in the community.  As you consider your Easter Offering gift this year, here are some items to consider:

                       As part of our 250th Anniversary Celebrations, we would really like to pay off the mortgage on our ministry facilities.  We only owe $100,000 and we believe we can do more effective ministry when we no longer need to make monthly payments.

                       Again this year we are hosting the “Kids to Camp” Ball Hockey Tournament — which sends community kids to Camp Wildwood.  As this is for kids outside our church, more donations help more kids learn about Jesus. (April 26-27)

                       Finally, all of the ministries in which we engage are made possible by our congregational partnership.  You are part of our outreach to the community by your volunteer hours, your prayers, and by your financial support.  As we studied this past year, we must live generous lives. We must learn to be open-handed Christians in a tight-fisted world.  Your giving to our general budget is vital for our influence in the community.

Prayerfully consider where God would have you give this year, not out of compulsion or guilt, but cheerfully, giving thanks to God who has provided for you.

 Calendar of Events

Christ in the Passover:        Monday, March 25, 6:00 pm.

Good Friday:                         Living Picture Theatre of the Last Supper, 11:00 am.

Easter Sunday:                     Breakfast at 9:00 am.
                                                Celebration at 10:45 am

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