Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Finding Hope and Power to Live

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“I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection…” Philippians 3:10
Jesus died and rose from the dead. That’s the past. Jesus will take his followers to be with him in the presence of God. That’s the future. But, what about life here and now? Does Jesus have any bearing on that?
What God has done in the past and what God is going to do in the future must affect how we live in the present. God is a God of the “right now.”  God demonstrates his power in restoring the physical life of Lazarus, (John 11) but Jesus desires for us to understand the spiritual significance of being resurrected to new life. We can trust Jesus with both our death and with our eternity. And, we must trust him with our day to day life.
There are days when I feel defeated. There are days when I know the power of God at work in my life and those are the best days. As Jesus’ disciples, we are no longer living for ourselves but we are living for Christ and walking in him.  He promises to give us the power to be able to live a life of hope and victory! He can be trusted to provide that. It is up to us to choose to walk in that power.
There are a lot of things that die in our lives: dreams, finances, relationships…  God is the god of resurrections – of power to change us, transform us, to give us what we need to walk day by day in resurrection power.
In the Easter Sunday message, I talk about a “tear-off” to fill out. The top asks for your feedback on issues you would like to see addressed in sermons during the coming year. The bottom asks where you are in your relationship to Jesus Christ.
§  1.   I am reconciled to God and I’ve embraced new life in Jesus Christ
§  2.   Today I accepted Jesus’ offer of eternal life
§  3.   I want to join the baptism on June 16
§  4.   I cannot yet commit to following Jesus
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